viernes, 6 de julio de 2007

Infinito 2017 - The Soul Of Benjamin Banneker - 2006

1. Intro - Ben Bey (Produced By Thaione Davis of Jericho Lounge)
2. Senseless Violence (Produced By Tzarizim / Scratches By DJ Waht
3. A Free Mans Soul (Produced By Illmind)
4. Tha 1 (Who Overstands) (Produced By Fathom 9)
5. Heavens Gate (Mound Builders) (Produced By Thaione Davis)
6. Tape Deck Recordings (Produced By Memo Of Molemen)
7. State Of The World (Feat. L.I.F.E. Long of Stronghold & Mr. Skurge of Unorthodox Poets Produced And Scratches By DJ Waht For Filthy F. Fingatips)
8. Darnell (Remix) (Produced By Fathom 9)
9. 9:27 PM (The Day I Lost) (Produced By Fatnice of 84)
10. Marcellous Interlude (Produced by Effecctive)
11. Meaning Rhymes (Produced by Fathom 9)
12. My Resistance Breaking Down (Ft. Fanesha, Produced By Sine)
13. A Way to Be (Produced by Fathom 9, Scratches by DJ Waht (FFF))
14. No You Can't Have Me! (Produced by Fatnice of 84)
15. Banna Ka (Produced by Thaione Davis of Jericho Lounge)
16. Theartning Music Skit (Produced by Effecctive)
17. Poor Black Americans (Produced by Kevin Fountain)
18. Willie Ig'nant (Produced by Fathom 9)
19. Buf a Flow Wings (Produced by Fathom 9)
20. The Almighty (Produced by PANIK of Molemen)