jueves, 9 de agosto de 2007

Hitfarmers - The Harvest - 2007

Esto llego por email.  Luce bien.
This Came by Email.  Looks nice.

"Ya`ll remember the SNOWGOONS "JOINING FORCES" mixtape which came out earlier this year? In august 2007 AP-ROCK hits you with another JOINING FORCES mixtape introducing THE HITFARMERS production team.

Since Hip Hop and its cornerstone elements of breakdancing, graffiti, MCing and DJing took root and quickly became renowned the world over, Munich Germany based production team THE HITFARMERS, have been a mainstay in the international Hip Hop scene. THE HITFARMERS have since recorded tracks with legendary Hip Hop acts including KRS-ONE, FREDDIE FOXX, PLANET ASIA, AFU-RA, GRAND AGENT, EL DA SENSEI, ROGER REKLESS, J-SPLIFF, ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS... just to name a few. Having earned a well-deserved reputation as one of today's most accomplished and versatile beatmakers THE HITFARMERS seeded their beats all over the globe. Now it`s time to bring in THE HARVEST.

AP-ROCK teamed up with THE HITFARMERS to release a JOINING FORCES mixtape featuring exclusive joints straight out the lab mixed up with underground bangers by the Snowgoons (feat. Jus Allah & Rip Shop), Slaine of La Coka Nostra, Realson, Boot Camp Clik, Lords Of The Underground, Falgas, Underclassmen (feat. RA The Rugged Man), FiggKidd, Rakaa of the Dilated Peoples, Static & Nat Ill... and many more. No gimmicks, no bling bling, nothing but the real shit - worldwide, baby!"

Hitfarmers Intro
J-Spliff „The Harvest" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Army Of The Pharaohs "Grown Men" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Snowgoons feat. Jus Allah & Ripshop "Riddle of the Sphinx" (Exclusive Edit)
Mental Infinite "This Is Life" (Prod. By Hitfarmers & RocSolid)
Underclassmen feat. RA The Rugged Man "Hold Fort"
Critical Madness "Hail To The Fetus" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Rakaa Of Dilated Peoples "Rent"
Mad Mic "Wer ist gemeint?" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Boot Camp Clik "BK All Day"
Ciph Barker "Harvest Exclusive" (Prod. By Hitfarmers & RocSolid)
Face, G-Flow, Crank P "Gsicht" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Westa MC & Gob Dylan - Ying & Yang
Slaine Of La Coka Nostra "Bad Man"
Little Vic "Get with it" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Sir Smo "I Love My Hood" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Streetmuzik "Ma Hood" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Abroo feat. Mirk "ABC" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Roger Rekless "Ich Erzähl Von Mir" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Dashan & Falgas „I Don´t Give A Fuck"
Tribeca "Harvest Exclusive" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Lords Of The Underground "The Clinic"
Westa MC "Boom" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Mr. Malchau "Harvest Exclusive" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Don Cerino feat. Dminor "I Love Hip Hop" (Prod. By Realson)
Substance "32 Bars Part II" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
Bushbayer "Dreckiger Style" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
L.S.D. "Competent" Le Scratchfunk Remix
(Playtime 74 minutes)

Downloadlinks for the mixtape:

Mix in 1 File: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2BIZZK5W

Splitted Tracks: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CODPCV9E

Splitted Tracks on rapidshare.com

Part1: http://rapidshare.com/files/47922254/Hitfarmers_JoiningForces_PartI.rar.html

Part2: http://rapidshare.com/files/47924136/Hitfarmers_JoiningForces_PartII.rar.html

Enjoy! Support underground Hip Hop and spread the word!